Discover 10 Foods That Are High In Calcium | How To Cleanse Your Body – Whole Body Cleansing Info.

1. Sesame Seeds
Most people are not aware sesame seeds are very high in calcium, as well as other significant minerals and vitamins.
2. Chia Seeds
These seeds are very high in calcium and Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. A 3.5 ounce portion can offer about 631mg of calcium.
3. Dark Leafy Greens
Dark leafy green vegetables like spinach, collard greens, bok choy, mustard greens, and kale offer a good source of calcium.

4. Quinoa
One cup of cooked quinoa, a healthy whole grain, delivers 60-100 mg of calcium and delivers a high amount of potassium, zinc and protein.
5. Blackstrap Molasses
One table spoon of dark molasses, a natural sweetener offers 172 mg of daily calcium requirements and also is high in multiple vitamins and minerals.


The Pharmaceutical Drug Racket-Part One.

“Medical ‘ignorance’ is costing us billions” reads a heading in the Daily Telegraph Mirror of February 24, 1991, over an article: ” Poor funding and a lack of knowledge about preventive medicine has led to a $2 billion blow-out in public health spending, experts say.

“These costs rose nationally from $26 billion to $28 billion [in one year] – an average of $1700 per person – according to figures to be released by the Australian Institute of Health.” Writing in an article in the Sunday Telegraph on October 27, 1991, the Federal Minister for Community Services and Health, Brian Howe, expresses his concern: ” Health care costs a huge amount of money: $1796 for every man, woman and child….

“The trouble is that if Medicare becomes too costly, this country can’t afford to keep footing the bill: which means that individual Australians will have to foot the bill instead or go without the necessary health care.

“I believe the Federal Government should continue to pay much of the health care cost, but my concern has been that one day the Government will have to say it can no longer afford Medicare.

“Medicare is getting increasingly costly. Total government expenditure on Medicare benefits rose by 70 per cent between 1984-85 and 1989-90, and by another 11.2 per cent in 1990-91.

“Before the changes in the Budget were announced, Medicare benefits were expected to rise by another 28 per cent in real terms over the three years to 1994-95: that’s approximately $1.3 billion….” (1)

Can Diet Alone Cleanse Your Liver? | How To Cleanse Your Body – Whole Body Cleansing Info.


Can Diet Alone Cleanse Your Liver?Liver detoxification is something everyone needs to proactively attend to because we can not afford for the liver not to do its job partly.  If either Phase I or Phase II processes are suppressed, then the liver cannot make safe all of the toxins that pass through it.  These toxins then return into the blood, where they travel to all the organs of the body and in time build up in fatty tissue.

There are a number of diets that have been suggested on the internet that claim to be able to purify the liver itself to restore better execution of both Phase I and Phase II detoxification.  Much debate surrounds just how successful diet alone can be in helping cleanse the liver.  One thing everybody does appear to agree on, on the other hand, is that eliminating things like processed sugar, alcohol and caffeine, sugar unquestionably helps diminish the amount of toxins the liver has to neutralize.

Since detoxification is something the liver evolved to do in the first place, our thinking maintains that the best approach to detoxify the liver must focus on enhancing the liver’s capability to execute its own function.  We advocate using an all-natural liver supplement that will work together to help support both Phase I and Phase II detoxification processes within the liver.

By Dr. Edward Group

Weight Loss for Dummies is About Being Simple and Realistic | How To Cleanse Your Body – Whole Body Cleansing Info.

 Weight Loss for Dummies is About Being Simple and RealisticDefinition of the Term
The term weight loss for dummies has nothing to do with the IQ of any reader.

Instead, it is a satirical comment on the unconscious nature that the advertising industry takes toward dieting in general.  Most diets that you see advertised online, and on TV,  promise quick results with minimal effort.  The idea of making a permanent lifestyle change (which humans are prone to resist at all costs) is curiously absent from these media campaigns.  As a result, people who invest in these gimmicks either experience sudden results that do not last, or they experience no results at all and give up on themselves.

Squash & Tomatoes Make Great Weight Weight Loss Foods

Think Long Term
Anything worth doing is worth doing consistently, and it is worth permanently integrating into your daily life.  The first and foremost principle in weight loss for dummies is to disconnect, once and for all, from the unconscious naivety that drives the short-term fad diet industry.  Think long-term when you think about dieting.  Dieting is about your health even more than it is about your appearance.  Good diets focus on nutrition and body cleansing—not just dropping inches off your waist. Take Control of Food Cravings
Statistics reveal that 97 percent of all women, and 68 percent of all men, crave various types of food.  Most of these cravings hit people in the late afternoon or early evening.  Taking conscious action to control these cravings will help reduce your intake of some of the very foods that are putting the pounds on you.  One simple thing you can do is to satisfy the craving, but substitute the snack with a healthier, lower calorie alternative.

Calcium in Vegetables can Supply all Your Calcium Needs | How To Cleanse Your Body – Whole Body Cleansing Info.

Calcium in Vegetables

Calcium in Vegetables can Supply all Your Calcium NeedsThere is More than One Source
Many people do not realize that there is a great deal of calcium in vegetables. This is understandable when you consider the media campaigns that promote pasteurized milk and other dairy products as being the only source of calcium. However, this type of advertising is not only misleading, but it can actually lead people to make some very poor health choices.

Cow’s milk contains an amino acid known as methionine. Too much of this compound will make the body acidic. The body responds by leaching calcium from the bones. Obviously, this is counterintuitive to the purpose of building stronger bones. Also, when milk is pasteurized, calcium carbonate is created. Because they body has trouble absorbing calcium carbonate, it will draw calcium from bones in order to assist in the absorption process.  This can lead to osteoporosis.

Cow’s milk may, in fact, be a contributing factor in the development of certain autoimmune disorders and allergies.

Calcium in Vegetables
Vegetables represent a major source of calcium that is easy and safe to consume. Many of the more popular forms of vegetables contain considerable amounts of calcium, as evidenced in the list below.

Calcium mg and daily value are calculated based on a one cup serving of each vegetable listed.

Nausea In Pregnancy.

Emily Kane N.D.

First Trimester Nausea… Yikes!

First, a tried and true quotation heard many times during my adolescence from my father… “this too will pass.” You’re thrilled, all your relatives are thrilled, you’re starting to dream about darling infant outfits, researching the best preschools, baby-proofing the whole house, and how do you feel? Yuk! Second, full-fledged, woozy, faint, lethargic, stomach-heaving nausea is one of the signs that yes, your hormones are changing, and the pregnancy is “taking.” This is not to say that you should be worried if you DON’T feel like throwing up every few hours for the first few months, just a reassurance that healthy embryos often stir up a lot of change.

Each woman is a blessed individual and there’s no universal panacea for first trimester nausea. Sorry. However, there are a few tricks that have worked for many gravidae (pregnant ladies):

  • Mild ginger tea. A thin slice of fresh ginger in a pipping hot mug of pure water is best. Sip this throughout the day, especially before meals.
  • Small, frequent meals especially heavy on the carbohydrates. Try the oft-cited soda crackers, or overcooked rice, or toast with honey, or a garlic bagel, or a baked potato or yam.
  • The homeopathic remedy Nux Vomica works for some ladies. You can probably find it at the Co-op or health food store in the 12X potency. Try taking 5 pellets under the tongue three times daily and avoid strong odors, especially camphor, which will antidote the remedy.
  • The classic acupuncture point for nausea and seasickness, called Pericardium 6 (“Nei Guan” in Chinese, which means “inner gate”) is located in the middle of the inner wrist, three finger breadths away from the wrist crease, between the two tendons. Locate and press firmly, one wrist at a time, or get a friend to hold both for 3 minutes or so. Sailors often wear snugly-fitting wristbands with little plastic pearls at the P6 location to alleviate the heaves.
  • Apples and apple juice (freshly squeezed, of course) works well for some but almost all gravidae agree that citrus is positively horrible until the second trimester, when cravings for oranges, lemons, or limeade begin! Try putting a little snippet of ginger into the juicer along with the fresh fruit.

Military Stockpiling Anti-radiation Pills.

by Adam Entous

WASHINGTON – At the urging of the Bush administration, military commanders are quietly stocking up on anti-radiation pills and making plans to give them to U.S. troops should they be exposed to radioactive fallout from an attack or accident, according to documents and officials.

Suppliers of potassium iodide say shipments to the military have increased in recent months amid fears of war between nuclear-armed rivals India and Pakistan, and new terror threats against American targets including nuclear power plants. One of the largest orders – 134,400 potassium iodide tablets for 9,600 troops – was shipped to the U.S. Army on May 28, according to records obtained by Reuters.

If taken immediately after exposure, the tablets have been shown to protect the thyroid gland from diseases caused by radiation.

A spokesman for U.S. Central Command said it was not distributing potassium iodide tablets to troops in Afghanistan and other South Asian countries, disputing the claims of several suppliers.

The Pentagon would not discuss its potassium iodide policy, which was outlined in an internal memorandum issued two months after the Sept. 11 attacks that killed more than 3,000 people.

In the memorandum, dated Nov. 19, 2001, William Winkenwerder, assistant secretary of defense for health affairs, directed Army, Navy and Air Force commanders to assess the risk to troops and to develop “implementation plans on the use of potassium iodide.” “The U.S. military overseas, their families, U.S. civilian workers and contractors may be at risk from hostile actions and other events against nuclear power plants resulting in radioactive iodine release,” wrote Winkenwerder, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s chief health adviser. In November and in a follow-up memo issued on Jan. 24, Winkenwerder told the services that they “must ensure availability of supply” of potassium iodide. He also provided the secretaries of the Army, Navy and Air Force with guidance on how the tablets should be administered. It depends on whether the radioactive material is inhaled or ingested and on how long troops are exposed to a radioactive plume.

Winkenwerder put the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute in charge of reviewing the plans. “We will take appropriate action when we get the plans,” said Peter Esker, spokesman for the institute.

The Pentagon would not elaborate. “The policy memo speaks for itself,” said James Turner, a Pentagon spokesman. “The commanders-in-chief, in any given part of the world, will assess the situation and will be responsible for providing appropriate material to their troops.”

Underscoring U.S. fears that terrorists will try to use weapons of mass destruction, Winkenwerder announced on Friday a separate policy to vaccinate some military personnel against anthrax and to stockpile the vaccine for civilian use.